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Quick Tip: Easy Search with Netlify

By James Kolean on Oct 12, 2020
NetlifyToolsQuick Tip

I just love Netlify; they always have something interesting. I found this extension for adding search to your site. You can use it either client-side or server-side. It’s a step you can add to the build that indexes your pages into a JSON file.

For a client-side implementation, you need to ship the file to the client, probably not optimal. Note: there are several client-side tools out there that have more features.

For a server-side implementation, Netlify will spin up a lambda function for you. Granted, this is probably not a production-ready solution but the concept is perfect for many uses cases.

How to.

Tell Netlify you want it to index your site and create a function by adding this to netlify.toml .


  package = 'netlify-plugin-search-index'
      generatedFunctionName = 'mySearchFunction'
      publishDirJSONFileName = 'null'

That’s it! You can now use a URL like this to search your site.

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