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Framer Motion: Animation Clean and Simple

By James Kolean on Apr 17, 2020

I wanted to add some animation to this site. I heard good things about Framer Motion, so I gave it a try, and it exceeded my expectations. It was so clean and straightforward to add a little animation. My biggest issue was to hold myself back from going overboard on the animations since it was so easy. You can see this animation in action when you hover over any Post on https://jameskolean.tech/posts

UPpubDate: There is a Beta feature ‘AnimateSharedLayout’ that is pretty amazing see usage information at end of Post.

The cards I wanted to animate are enclosed <article> tags. All I did to add animation was to replace it with <motion.article whileHover={{scale: 1.02}}> . That’s it.


Add framer-motion package

npm install -save framer-motion

In the file containing my Post Cards import motion

import {
} from 'framer-motion'

Then replace the


      translateX: -4,
      translateY: -4,


This is pretty amazing, you can see the animation in action on https://jameskolean.tech/posts when you apply a tag filter. All you need to do is:

  1. Add the Beta dependence

npm install framer-motion@beta

  1. First, wrap the tag around the items you want animated.
  2. Then wrap the items to be animated with a <motion.XXX> tag (in my case, the item are articles so I used <motion.article>).
  3. Then add a unique ‘layoutId’ to each <motion.XXX>. This help motion to understand which elements are related.
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