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Cool Tools 2020

By James Kolean on Apr 10, 2020
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AWS resources diagram and pricing tool.

  • Nice diagrams and controls.
  • Intuitive User Interface.


Chrome plugin to experiment with an existing Web Page

Insomnia Rest Client – GraphQL

This is a very nice GraphQL client. Postman is not just not there yet when it comes to GraphQL. If you love GraphQL this is a good reason to switch from Postman to Insomnia.


Design and prototyping tool.

Headless CMS

Interesting Headless CMS that make my list are:

  • Contentful: Full featured, Intuitive, Service. This option can become expensive.
  • TinaCMS: It claims to not to be a CMS and it really isn’t, but it occupies an interesting space. I’ll call it a markdown editor embedded in your site.
  • Netlify CMS: It’s similar to Tina CMS in concept and deserves attention.
  • Squidex, Craft CMS, Graph CMS, and Prismic: All seems to be nice options that won’t break the bank.
  • Sanity: This is really interesting because the UI is an Open Source React application while the backend storage and API are a provided service. It seems like this would be a great option when the UI needs to be highly customized.


This is an amazing digital asset management tool.


Instant GraphQL on Postgres with subscriptions. If you are thinking about using GraphQL this service could save you all kinds of heartache.

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