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Netlify Redirects

By James Kolean on Apr 3, 2020
Source repository: https://github.com/jameskolean/gatsby-netlify-redirects
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Netlify allows redirects at the edge. There is an example Gatsby project here.

You basically have two options, the first is the simplest and the second allows for complex rules:

Use _redirects

This requires a file called _redirects in the static folder. Then just add your redirects redirects. See Netlify docs here


# redirect request for non-existent page at /no-where to /welcome-to-the-blog
/no-where              /welcome-to-the-blog

Or use netlify.toml

This requires a file called netlify.toml in the project root. In this file you can add redirects with rules. Here is an example of different routes based on Locales. Note: As of this writing there is a bug preventing this from working with complex accepts-language header. It should be fixed in Q2 of 2020.

  from = "/no-where/*"
  to = "/welcome-to-the-blog"
  conditions = {Language = ["en"], Country = ["US"]}

  from = "/no-where/*"
  to = "/hello-world"
  conditions = {Language = ["fr"], Country = ["FR"]}

Routing based on roles

This requires a paid plan, for details see the post here.

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